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Over 15 years, Catco Kids has been successfully creating social impact by providing quality child care services, advocacy, childcare professional trainings, consultancy projects, and helping corporates and communities through our different business models and diversified services.
In absence of Govt regulations for ensuring and monitoring daycares safety standard, Catco Kids taken the initiative of not only developing National Childcare Standards and Systems for Punjab Govt, but also started voluntary certifications process for all such centers, and focus on all key aspects hygiene, health, safety, continuous staff training mechanism and early childhood learning.
On a larger scale, through sustainable business models, Catco Kids has supported women’s socio-economic empowerment, helped communities and most importantly helped children.


Our Stories

Assistant Administrator

Hi I am Nazia Tahir, married and associated with Catco Kids since last 5 years! My Journey started from Center aid and promoted to safety Incharge as currently working now Assistant Administrator. During my experience at CK, I have learned professionalism, ethical values and empathy. I am thankful to Catco Kids team who helped me along the way and will continue to do my best for Catco Kids. My dream is to achieve company’s goal to have quality childcare center at every 10 km!

Nazia Tahir
Assistant Administrator / CATCO

Center Administrator

Hi I am Anum Malik, graduated, Montessori diploma holder and married! I have recently joined Catco Kids as Administrator! What I felt in short span of time is that Catco Kids has a wonderful reputation and a great place to work, company culture is wonderful as they give huge importance to their employees and encourage them to learn and grow. My dream is to nurture and prepare future generation for the upcoming hardships of life & make them a good human being and an asset to the country! I wish Catco Kids all the good luck and more and more success!

Anum Malik
Center Administrator / CATCO

Coordinator Admin & Finance

Hi I am Nazia Iqbal, Masters in Economics, unmarried and currently working as Coordinator Admin & Finance at Catco Kids! I am associated with company since last 4 years. The best part about my job is that we are not micro-managed and that freedom makes us more responsible and productive. It’s always refreshing to work in a company where all women support each other. I would highly recommend working with Catco kids because you will be valued as an asset to the team and everyone is treated fairly and kindly. My dream is to be a part of the corporate world in upcoming years and would like to fulfill my dream being a valuable part of Catco Kids!

Nazia Iqbal
Coordinator Admin & Finance / CATCO

Assistant Administrator

Hi I am Ammara Asghar, married and working as Assistant Administrator at Catco Kids. My association with Catco Kids is 7 years old. I started as a center aide, gradually I was promoted as a safety in charge, and then Asst Administrator and now being prepared as a trainer. Catco kids is like my second home and since I want to give best future to my child that’s why I am here for more learning, my child is is just 10 months now and I am imparting ECD learnings and knowledge to my child, which I learn from Catco Kids on day to day basis. I dream to make myself a true professional in ECD filed under Catco Kids guidance!

Ammara Asghar
Assistant Administrator / CATCO

Quality Assurance Manager

I am Nasreen Faheem, Masters in IT, married and working as Quality Assurance Manager at Catco Kids. Catco kids is different from other companies in a way that it promotes humanity, moral ethics, respect and self-identities and provide opportunities to their employees with equivalence who are ambitious and career oriented. Such organizations are very rare in the world. Catco Kids is very unique organization and focus on each individual employee’s career, personal developmental plan and training. Catco Kids always provides career path to each employee on equality basis and trust on their capabilities and recognizes their work and efforts. The work hierarchy is parallel in Catco Kids as compared to other companies, as it is based on horizontal hierarchy which gives impression to all employees that we all are same. Catco Kids has changed my life, my living pattern with humanity, care and love and ethics. I am honored to share that this is the place where I come with peaceful mind to enjoy every day and learn new things with high spirit from everyone in surrounding and work professionally with love and care to focus on quality & team work. Catco kids boost up and shapes our lives and strengthen us in a way to stand with dignity. I am highly grateful to Catco Kids for providing us such unrivaled platform to make our identity as true professionals and as encouragement source to move forward. My dream is to be a successful person like Ms. Shahida Saleem (Catco Kids CEO) to serve humanity and care with honesty.

Nasreen Faheem
Quality Assurance Manager / CATCO

Academic Coordinator

Hi I am Farida Rehmat, graduated, married and currently working as Academic Coordinator at Catco Kids. My 12 years journey with Catco Kids has been a rollercoaster for me. I started as a center aid in 2008 and now by the grace of God working as Academic Coordinator. When I joined CK my elder child was 5 years old and the younger one was 3 years old. During my Journey with Catco, I educated them by myself and now one of my son is doing ACCA and the other is in the field of pre-medical!  I have accumulated a tremendous amount of experiences and knowledge from Catco Kids. Working at Catco not only changed my mindset about work-life balance but also uplifted my confidence which enabled me to take a step out of my door to work for the betterment of me and my family. Catco is a professional and unique organization in which every employee is treated equally and supported morally to keep working hard thus I am grateful to this organization for providing me a platform to move towards success! My dream is to see my children succeed in the challenges of life and to get a place where they can be happy. Once they may settle, then I want to help those children who are not able to get ECD education. Especially Pakistan’s rural areas where there is no such advance ECD education.

Farida Rehmat
Academic Coordinator / CATCO

Regional HR Coordinator

Hi I am Sadia Khurshid, MPA(HRM) from Karachi University, unmarried and currently working as HR Coordinator with Catco kids for last 4 years. My 4 years journey with CK is amazing, having been working in HR filed for past 7 years, this experience is very different because of work environment & being with kids around. It has been a great learning journey so far with absolute pleasure to work and grow with a real professional team. Here I get chance to explore more & perform tasks independently. I also learn importance of Proper child handling, get exposure of ECD / H&S fields. Further, this help my family’s new parents to be better parents & also give them awareness to learn in-depth child development. Undoubtedly CK offers an immense opportunity for learning & professional growth with equality and respect. My dream is to be part of Catco Kids international projects and to get the global exposure!

Sadia Khursheed
Regional HR Coordinator Sindh / CATCO



Catco Kids Awards Ceremony 2019:

In event to celebrate company success and recognize employees hard work and dedication, Catco Kids held “Employees Award Ceremony” on 25th Aug 2019 in Avari Towers Karachi. The recipients of the awards were nominated and rewarded in different categories such as “Best Performance Award”, “Punctuality Award”,” Dedicated Service Award”, “Best Team Player Award” and “Appreciation Award”.  The event led to some very emotional moments, where 15 years of company journey shared and employees struggling stories applauded.

IFC Writeup:

In May 2019, Catco Kids approached and invited by IFC (International Finance Corporation) to join as “Strategic Partner” for IFC-PBC peer-learning collaboration on family-friendly workplaces . The peer learning collaboration was started in May 2019 and targeted to end in March 2020. The baseline of collaboration was to ensure affordable quality childcare supply that fully complements IFC and PBC’s work with companies, employers and employees on the demand-side of care and family-friendly policies such as paid parental leave, breastfeeding, flexible work, safe transport etc. that address the work-life needs of women and men.

Catco Kids actively partnered with IFC-PBC on peer learning collaboration and dynamically committed as “Strategic Partner” to support companies for onsite childcare facility, for helping them by sharing knowledge & expertise and create a multi-stakeholder dialogue on family-friendly workplaces to affect change at the firm, market, and policy levels in Pakistan. In this event Catco Kids used to actively participates in IFC-PBC monthly meet-ups and webinars and help companies/employers and employees for quality onsite childcare facility and other family-friendly policies


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