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I am Nasreen Faheem, Masters in IT, married and working as Quality Assurance Manager at Catco Kids. Catco kids is different from other companies in a way that it promotes humanity, moral ethics, respect and self-identities and provide opportunities to their employees with equivalence who are ambitious and career oriented. Such organizations are very rare in the world. Catco Kids is very unique organization and focus on each individual employee’s career, personal developmental plan and training. Catco Kids always provides career path to each employee on equality basis and trust on their capabilities and recognizes their work and efforts. The work hierarchy is parallel in Catco Kids as compared to other companies, as it is based on horizontal hierarchy which gives impression to all employees that we all are same. Catco Kids has changed my life, my living pattern with humanity, care and love and ethics. I am honored to share that this is the place where I come with peaceful mind to enjoy every day and learn new things with high spirit from everyone in surrounding and work professionally with love and care to focus on quality & team work. Catco kids boost up and shapes our lives and strengthen us in a way to stand with dignity. I am highly grateful to Catco Kids for providing us such unrivaled platform to make our identity as true professionals and as encouragement source to move forward. My dream is to be a successful person like Ms. Shahida Saleem (Catco Kids CEO) to serve humanity and care with honesty.

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