Quality Childcare


In May 2019, Catco Kids approached and invited by IFC (International Finance Corporation) to join as “Strategic Partner” for IFC-PBC peer-learning collaboration on family-friendly workplaces . The peer learning collaboration was started in May 2019 and targeted to end in March 2020. The baseline of collaboration was to ensure affordable quality childcare supply that fully complements IFC and PBC’s work with companies, employers and employees on the demand-side of care and family-friendly policies such as paid parental leave, breastfeeding, flexible work, safe transport etc. that address the work-life needs of women and men.

Catco Kids actively partnered with IFC-PBC on peer learning collaboration and dynamically committed as “Strategic Partner” to support companies for onsite childcare facility, for helping them by sharing knowledge & expertise and create a multi-stakeholder dialogue on family-friendly workplaces to affect change at the firm, market, and policy levels in Pakistan. In this event Catco Kids used to actively participates in IFC-PBC monthly meet-ups and webinars and help companies/employers and employees for quality onsite childcare facility and other family-friendly policies

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