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Hi I am Farida Rehmat, graduated, married and currently working as Academic Coordinator at Catco Kids. My 12 years journey with Catco Kids has been a rollercoaster for me. I started as a center aid in 2008 and now by the grace of God working as Academic Coordinator. When I joined CK my elder child was 5 years old and the younger one was 3 years old. During my Journey with Catco, I educated them by myself and now one of my son is doing ACCA and the other is in the field of pre-medical!  I have accumulated a tremendous amount of experiences and knowledge from Catco Kids. Working at Catco not only changed my mindset about work-life balance but also uplifted my confidence which enabled me to take a step out of my door to work for the betterment of me and my family.

Catco is a professional and unique organization in which every employee is treated equally and supported morally to keep working hard thus I am grateful to this organization for providing me a platform to move towards success! My dream is to see my children succeed in the challenges of life and to get a place where they can be happy. Once they may settle, then I want to help those children who are not able to get ECD education. Especially Pakistan’s rural areas where there is no such advance ECD education.

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